The Global Fund Community Zone at 22d International AIDS Conference

The Global Fund Community Zone - A Networking Zone at AIDS 2018 will be hosted by the Six Regional Platforms for Communication and Coordination as part of the Global Fund’s Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative 2017-2019.

The platforms have come together at the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) this year and prepared a week-long set of sessions that will provide a space for AIDS 2018 participants to connect with each of the regional platform, learn key areas of work under the Global Fund CRG Strategic Initiative, and engage with community partners that are supported by the Global Fund. There will also be sessions that would focus on TB/HIV in line with the upcoming High-Level Meeting on TB, and opportunities to learn from the Her Voice Fund for adolescent girls and young women.

Please, find the detailed schedule of events for the Global Fund Community Zone, running from 23-26 July at the AIDS 2018 Conference in Amsterdam, Booth 522.