A short-term peer-to-peer technical assistance within the CRG TA Program in order to strengthen the engagement of civil society and communities during the C19RM funding cycle

In early April the Global Fund Secretariat has sent the allocation letters to the CCMs, in which the amount allocated within COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) is indicated along with the conditions that country has to follow for obtaining this funding.

Among these conditions are the support for community-led services, human-rights based approaches, and meaningful engagement of community representatives in the C19RM funding request development. More information on C19RM is available here.

There are several windows for submission of funding requests within the C19RM and it is CCM who decides when the country would be ready to apply. These windows are the following: May 14th, May 31st, June 15th, and June 30th. Thus, the time for developing the funding request is VERY limited.

In order to strengthen the engagement of civil society and communities during the C19RM funding cycle a short-term peer-to-peer technical assistance could be available within the CRG TA Program upon a request.

Up to 6 short-term TA assignments could be available forcivil society and communities in EECA region between April – June 2021, three in each of the following areas:

  • Activity track A: situational analysis and needs assessment: CRG-related assessments (desk review and/or including key informant interviews) to generate strategic information for better decision-making to inform C19RM funding request development (12 expert days)
  • Activity track B: Engagement in C19RM country dialogue processes: Virtual or face-to-face community consultation to inform priorities for C19RM funding request (12 expert days)

You may download the C19RM CRG TA Request Form here.

Requesting organization should complete and submit this shortened TA request form to crgta@theglobalfund.org. CRG Team will review the received requests for eligibility within 2 days of receipt.

Taking into account the very tight timeline for the development and submission of the C19RM country funding requests as well as limited availability of TA assignments for the region – it is highly recommended to apply for the peer-to-peer technical assistance as soon as possible!

In case you may have any questions with regard to C19RM and/or this related short term TA opportunity – please feel free to contact the EECA Regional Platform at eecaplatform@harmreductioneurasia.org or ivan@harmreductioneurasia.org

Also, in case you and/or your partner organizations are interested to submit the request for such C19RM related short term TA – we would really appreciate if you could indicate your intension to us by responding on this e-mail or directly at ivan@harmreductioneurasia.org