Grants from Foreign Embassies: what is available?

Foreign embassies under various development cooperation programs organize small grants funding for NGOs in many countries. Here are several Foreign Embassies who you could try approaching in order to get funding for your organisation/a particular project:

  1. US Embassy: The United States offers a great resource of financial and technical support to initiatives willing to strengthen civil society. Embassies and Consulates worldwide advertise specific calls for proposals to assist local NGOs working on issues of conflict stabilization, democracy and human rights, economic growth, and security. The range of funded projects varies greatly and according to main needs of your country. Visit the list of US embassies at to find more information about the embassy office in your country.
  2. Canadian Embassy: Canadian Embassies provide funding and technical support to small NGOs in developing countries under the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). CFLI is generally interested in projects dealing with good governance, human rights, and democratic development. A list of Canadian embassies is given here.
  3. British High Commission: The United Kingdom gives financial support to small-scale community-based project through the Small Grant Scheme (SGS), which is administered by the British High Commission. The main aim of this Fund is to deliver transformational policy change, and strengthening governance and institutions. Additional funding opportunities are advertised through the Department for International Development (DFID), which is in charge of planning and implementing the UK’s development cooperation agenda. British embassies are listed here.
  4. Australian Embassy: In general, priority areas of intervention are community health, education, small-scale infrastructures, sanitation, rural development, environmental development, gender equality, training activities, and cultural and sporting initiatives. Visit this website for details on countries.
  5. German Embassy: The Federal Government of Germany allocates funding to develop small-scale projects initiated by local NGOs in the field of technical cooperation. The listing of countries is available here.
  6. SDC and the Swiss Embassy: Its operating countries are mostly from Africa, Latin America, Central Asia, South East Asia and Eastern Europe. The complete list of priority countries along with their programs is available here.
  7. The Development Cooperation section at the Netherlands Embassy: the embassies and consulates of the Netherlands can be found on this website.
  8. Finland Embassy’s Fund for Local Cooperation: find your country here.

Source: FundsForNGOs

If you have information about opportunities, provided by other countries’ embassies, please let us know via: