Joint statement of 3 GF Board delegations at the 5th GF replenishment meeting


As a result of the Replenishment Meeting which was conducted in mid-September in Canada to support Global Fund further work, almost 13 billion US dollars were collected. Still, there is an issue of priorities – where should these funds be directed on the first place. In connection this, three delegations in Global Fund Board – Community delegation in Global Fund Board (Community delegation), Delegation of NGOs in developed countries in Global Fund Board, Delegation of NGOs in developing countries in Global Fund Board – came up with a joint statement.

The statement is available on our website in English and Russian.

The statement contains three main calls:

  1. Fully funded Global Fund. The $13 billion target is the minimum. It is not the ceiling.
  2. Increase of domestic investments for health, including for the three diseases , by countries, which implement programs.
  3. Ensure, protect and scale up funding for vulnerable and key affected communities, and for community systems strengthening, human rights and gender equality, via and beyond the Global Fund by all the responsible people.

Delegations, in their turn, took three responsibilities:

  1. To remain steadfast in taking governments to account for ensuring that Global Fund country planning and implementation processes are transparent, inclusive of key populations, communities and civil society; support community systems strengthening, gender transformation, and advancement of human rights; strengthen HIV and TB integration, and work towards malaria elimination.
  2. Hold all donors accountable in converting their pledges to actual contributions. And continue to urge for increased funding over the coming years
  3. Hold implementers to account for increasing domestic financing, delivering full expression of demand, and prioritizing investments where they are most needed.