Global AIDS update 2016

UNAIDS issued a brief report on situation with AIDS in the world as for 2016.
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Publication currently is available only in English.

The report presents data on morbidity and treatment form the whole world for the last 5 years (2010-2015), highlights importance of preventive measures, gives information on the fact that key groups still do not get enough attention, discuss importance of discrimination extirpation, involvement of countries into target 90-90-90 to 2020, liquidation of epidemic and effectiveness of Fast-Track approach.

New data on EECA region:

  • New estimation of PLWH number — 1,5 million
  • New HIV cases — 322 thousand in 2015
  • HIV among key affected groups or their sexual partners— 96%
  • The biggest number of PLWH are people who inject drugs— 51%, second place is taken by sex workers clients and other sexual partners of key groups representatives — 33%
  • Treatment coverage — 21% (second place from the bottom right after the region Middle East and North Africa)
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The report shows that the amount of new HIV cases hasn’t really decreased in the world over the past few years, moreover, in EECA it has actually increased.
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The report specifically highlights importance of HIV prevention programs, targeted to key groups, especially to provision of tools, such as condoms, PrEP, sterile needles and syringes, and creation of environment where these people will be able to have access to HIV-, medical and social services without fear of violence, arrest or pursuit. Goals have to be set urgently to reach people who need these services most.

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is based on concepts of inclusion, equality and social justice. Consequent use of these concepts for response to HIV is a crucial element of Fast-Track approach. Complete implementation of these concepts along with UNAIDS strategy for 2016-2021 will allow to prevent 17.6 million HIV cases and 10.8 million deaths from AIDS for the period of 2016-2030.

The chance to save so many lives should not be missed!