Rapid assessment of the Community Engagement TA Program’s work in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) in 2020-2022

The Global Fund’s Community Engagement Technical Assistance Program (CE TA Program, before 2021, known as the Community, Rights, and Gender TA Program) has been implemented since 2014. It aims to provide short-term peer-to-peer technical assistance on human rights, gender, community responses, community systems strengthening, and other related areas to enhance the engagement of civil society and communities across the Global Fund’s grant cycle, priorities and processes. Implemented by the Community, Rights and Gender Department (CRG Department) at the Global Fund Secretariat, the TA Program is one of the three components of the CE Strategic Initiative (SI), the other two being: long-term support for capacity building (through global and regional community networks); and the Regional Communication and Coordination Platforms.

This report presents the results of a rapid assessment of the implementation of the CE TA Program in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) in 2020-2022, with a limited scope to:

– Get perspectives of TA recipients and providers on the process, results, and lessons learned from the Program’s implementation;

– Compare the Program’s reach and scope with the previous period of 2017-2019;

– Inform the Second Regional Forum of TA recipients, providers, and organizers titled “Implementation of the Global Fund’s Community Engagement Technical Assistance Program in the EECA region in 2021-2022: Lessons learned and way forward” on 28-29 November 2022 in Istanbul, Turkiye.