Community Engagement Strategic Initiative Update – June 2022

The Community Engagement Strategic Initiative supports civil society and communities most affected by the three diseases to meaningfully engage in Global Fund and related national processes across the grant cycle. The latest Community Engagement SI Update outlines the Strategic Initiative’s aspirations to contribute to better policy outcomes for key populations at country level, and introduces a new partnership with the CCM Hub to catalyze more inclusive Global Fund decision-making. The Update also captures how the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) successfully supported the meaningful participation of populations most affected by HIV, TB and malaria in 2021. Thirty-eight technical assistance missions were deployed, and community consultations were supported in 64 countries. The OIG concluded that “community and civil society partners were strongly engaged in the process”, with 81% sufficiently engaged in 2021—up from 56% in 2020.