Call for Membership to the Communities Delegation to the Board of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

The mission of the Communities Delegation is to bring the voices and issues of people living with HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria to the deliberations of the Global Fund Board and its committees, and through this, to ensure greater and sustained impact of the Global Fund at the community level.

The Communities Delegation consists of people living with HIV, and affected by Tuberculosis and Malaria. The Communities Delegation commits to achieving geographic and gender balance, and appropriate disease representation. The leadership comprises the Board Member (BM), Alternate Board Member (ABM), and Communications Focal Point (CFP), which coordinate the work of the Communities Delegation. The leadership formally represents the Delegation to the Global Fund Board. In addition, an Administrative Working Group (AWG) made up of the leadership and up to four additional Delegation Members provides support to the leadership in managing administrative tasks and responsibilities pertaining only to internal processes and procedures. The final decision-making authority is still retained by the leadership.

The Communities Delegation to the Board of The Global Fund is currently inviting applications for membership from people living with HIV, and affected by Tuberculosis or Malaria. The selection process strives to achieve a balanced and representative Delegation with strong consideration for the following criteria:

∙ Malaria lived expertise

∙ Tuberculosis lived expertise

∙ People living with HIV

∙ Women in all their diversity

∙ Key population members

∙ Adolescent and Youths in all their diversity

Delegation especially encourages applications from Latin America and the Caribbean, West and Central Africa, and Southeast Asia and Western Pacific regions, and members of the sex workers, drug users and transgender communities.

CLOSING DATE for this call for applications is Thursday, 29 October 2020, 23h 00 CEST

Please find more details on the application requirement and process in this Call for Members HERE.