Review of EECA regional civil society experience with the C19RM process in 2021

This review is aimed at understanding the experience of civil society and communities in EECA countries with the C19RM process, including the support available through different Global Fund CRG SI channels in particular and to collect specific lessons learnt and provide recommendations on what could be improved or sustained by the Global Fund next time in terms of ensuring the meaningful engagement of community representatives in the C19RM funding request development.

This review covers the following topics:

  1. Organisation of the C19RM 2021 process at Global Fund and national levels;
  2. Experience of civil society meaningful engagement in the C19RM process at the national level;
  3. Support available from the EECA Regional Platform;
  4. from key and vulnerable population networks (partially);
  5. Support available within the Global Fund’s CRG TA Programme; and,
  6. Lessons learnt.

The review was conducted during August-October 2021 by an EHRA consultant in a format of semi-structured interviews with the communities and civil society representatives from EECA countries involved in the national C19RM process, including those from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine, as well as with the representatives of the CRG TA provider, the Global Fund Secretariat, and of the global and regional key populations networks.