The Global Fund’s Braking Down Barriers Initiative – Progress Assessment Reports from Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine 2023

The Global Fund’s Breaking Down Barriers initiative provides support to countries to scaleup to comprehensive level programs, to remove human rights-related barriers to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria services which increases the effectiveness of Global Fund grants. Two countries in EECA region are covered by the activities within the Breaking Down Barriers Initiative: Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

The progress assessment of the situation in Kyrgyzstan presents results of work carried out between the mid-term assessment in 2020 and July 2023, thus overlapping but not matching the lifespan of the Grant Cycle 6 (GC6) grant that was implemented from January 2021 through December 2023.

The Global Fund conducted the assessment of the situation in Ukraine from the moment of the full-scale invasion until the beginning of the 2023. This assessment became part of the Grant Cycle 6 (GC6) provided by the Global Fund. The results allow to better understand how the war has affected the implementation or programs and the challenges that have arisen in the field of healthcare.