Webinar: Costing Guide and Tool for GC7 Community Priorities

Date: 17 Jan 2023 (Tuesday)

Time: 10:30 – 12:00 (Geneva)

Language: English with simultaneous translation into Russian

Organizer: Frontline AIDS, in collaboration with EHRA

Link to join the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89196039471


Civil society and communities engaged in the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) in 2021 provided repeated feedback that in addition to technical assistance (TA) for identifying, systematizing, and prioritizing community priorities, TA for costing of community priorities is required.

To address the demand, the Costing Guide and Tool for GC7 Community Priorities were developed by Frontline AIDS in 2021 with the support of the Global Fund.

The main objective of this costing guide (and the accompanying excel costing tool) is to help guide the process of costing of civil society and community priorities during NFM4. The costing of civil society and community activities can often be intimidating for its members and this guide, in addition to providing templates for cost calculations, also aims to demystify this by suggesting alternative approaches to traditional costing process such as adjusting existing costs information of similar programs in the country or neighbouring countries before embarking on a full-blown costing exercise.


  • To introduce and discuss the new costing guide and tool to cost GC7 community priorities  
  • To share practical experience of using the tool
  • To clarify questions

Target audience:

Representatives of the civil society and community-led organizations, as well as of the national and regional KAP networks involved into the development of the country proposals for the Global Fund grants within the GC7.


  • CE SI partners supporting GC7 community engagement
  • Consultants already or likely to be involved in supporting community to identify and prioritise interventions for GC7 funding requests

Access to Costing Tool:

  • You can download the Costing Tool (EXCEL) and Guide (WORD) here in English and soon in French, Spanish and Russian.
Housekeeping (5 min)· Language setting
· Rules for asking questions
Background (5 min)· Why Costing ToolPeter Mok
Introducing the Costing Tool and Guide (30 min)· Rationale, Design, Assumptions
· Steps to completing the tool
· Contents of the costing guide, including grassroots costing sheet
· How to use the guide and annexes
Chris Alando
Q&A (10min)· Clarifying questions on the tool and guidancePeter Mok (facilitator), Chris Alando
Illustrative example (15 min)· Case study: Somalia C19RM funding requestChris Alando
Q&A (20 min)· Particularly issues in relation to current or upcoming assignmentsPeter Mok (facilitator), Chris Alando
Next steps (5 min)· Mentoring support available to CRG consultantsCE SI

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