EECA Regional Platform COVID Alert System

The Regional Platforms for Communication and Coordination are engaged in assisting the Global Fund to identify COVID-related risks, opportunities, disruptions, and innovations, specific to Global Fund-supported programs.

A systemized and regularized alert tool was developed for this purpose. Recognizing that in-country stakeholders already face many challenges and are overstretched at this time, the tool is designed to be as light as possible with the focus on critical-to-know information.

The key objectives of the monitoring approach are to:

  • Trigger certain actions by the Global Fund’s CRG Department, Global Fund Country Teams, other technical partners, etc. (depending on the issue);
  • Serve as an early warning system for the Global Fund to indicate things may be going off track so that stronger actions can be taken;
  • Identify innovative and successful community-led solutions in a timely manner, sharing these so that other countries may benefit from the ideas;
  • Allow the Global Fund to compare trends over time and across countries and regions;
  • Reduce the need for ad-hoc requests for information from the Global Fund; and
  • Provide communities with a formal communication channel to report the issues/innovations they are facing with HIV, TB and malaria programs amid the COVID pandemic

If you are aware about any COVID-related issues which have impacted the work of the Global Fund supported HIV and TB programs in your country – please complete the following form and provide us with any of such information.